Manual of I.V. Therapeutics: Evidence-Based Practice for Infusion Therapy, 6th Edition

Price: $53.95
Catalog No.: Y20009
Publisher/Vendor: FA Davis
Author: Lynn D. Phillips (MSN, RN, CRNI), Lisa Gorski R(N, MS, HHCNS-BC, CRNI, FAAN)
Pages: 854
Format: Softcover Book
Manual of I.V. Therapeutics, 6th Edition - Y20009

Manual of I.V. Therapeutics is a resource for any setting where infusion therapy skills are required. Its self-paced approach suits classroom and clinical settings as it progresses from the basics to advanced techniques while incorporating theory into clinical application.

An expanded focus on evidence-based practice and a more streamlined format.

Key Features

  • Presents "Thinking Critically" boxes, a case study feature.
  • Integrates pediatric and geriatric content throughout.
  • Offers a wealth of additional resources online at DavisPlus, including full-color video clips and interactive flash cards.
  • Emphasizes standards of practice through its use of guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Infusion Nursing Society (INS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Features well organized pedagogical tools, including: Learning Objectives, Nursing Fast Facts, Age-related and Cultural Considerations, Nursing Plans of Care, Home Care Issues, Patient Education, Key Points, and Review Questions.
  • Provides competency criteria for hospital policy and procedure development required by The Joint Commission.
  • Includes competency skill checklists for evaluating procedures.
  • Presents detailed step-by-step procedures for subcutaneous infusion of pain medication, peripherally inserted catheters (PICCs), epidural pain medication administration, and patient controlled analgesic therapy.
  • Examines delivery of IV therapy in the home setting.
  • Highlights critical content in "Nursing Fast Fact" boxes.
  • Spotlights assessment and intervention guidelines in "Nursing Points-of-Care" boxes.

New to this Edition

  • Electronic Testbank
  • Critical Thinking/Case Study Activities
  • Case Studies from the book with critical-thinking questions and answers
  • Printable versions of procedures found in the text
  • Incorporates CDC guidelines that apply to infusion therapy.
  • Reflects the current standards of practice from the Infusion Nurses Society.
  • Revises procedures and rationales to reflect practice today.
  • Emphasizes evidence-based practice by incorporating data from the 'Evidence-Based Nursing Care' boxes into expanded sections on evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Addresses today's new technologies, including new infusion equipment.
  • Opens each chapter with quotes of interest from Florence Nightingale.

Table of Contents

  • Professional Practice Concepts for Infusion Therapy
  • Infection Prevention and Occupational Risks
  • Fundamentals of Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
  • Parenteral Solutions
  • Infusion Equipment
  • Techniques for Initiation and Maintenance of Peripheral Infusion Therapy
  • Phlebotomy Techniques
  • Techniques for Initiation and Maintenance of Central Venous Access
  • Complications of Central Vascular Access Devices
  • Infusion Medication Safety, Methods, and Routes
  • Transfusion Therapy
  • Parenteral Nutrition

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