Applied Phlebotomy Video Series: Preventing Preanalytical Errors, 2nd Edition (DVD)

Price: $259.00
Catalog No.: H40004
Publisher/Vendor: Center for Phlebotomy Education
Running Time: 39 minutes
CE Credits/Contact Hours: 1.0 contact hour
Format: DVD
Preventing Preanalytical Errors, 2nd Edition (H40004)

Errors that collectors can introduce into specimens during collection, transportation, and storage that alter test results are detailed in Preventing Preanalytical Errors, 2nd Edition. The effects of prolonged tourniquet time, order of draw, complications with IV fluids, exercise, and fasting are detailed and reflect the latest research and CLSI guidelines. Additional topics include the effects of time, temperature, and delays in processing on test results. Includes written CE questions for in-house CE programs or for requesting P.A.C.E.® credit. This video qualifies viewers to obtain 1 unit of P.A.C.E. continuing education credit. (Additional fee applies.) Provided through the Center for Phlebotomy Education.

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