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SUCCESS! in Phlebotomy: A Q & A Exam Review, 7th Edition

Price: $93.80
In Stock: 1
Catalog #: J40002
Publisher/Vendor: Prentice Hall
Author: Kathleen Becan-McBride, EdD, MT (ASCP) and Houston and Diana Garza, EdD, MT (ASCP), CLS
Pages: 240
Format: Softcover Book
SUCCESS! in Phlebotomy: Q & A Exam Review, 7th Edition - J40002

For self-study or courses intended to prepare students for any phlebotomy certification or licensure examination.

SUCCESS! in Phlebotomy, Seventh Edition is a complete system that covers everything students need to know to prepare for the latest certification and licensing examinations in blood collection, specimen handling, and transportation. It reflects today’s latest practice standards and instrumentation, and the field’s growing focus on safety and quality. It includes 850 up-to-date multiple-choice questions, proven outline-style content review, and extensive online resources, including a complete practice exam. Sequenced to match Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Collection Essentials, Eighth Edition, it is now organized into three parts: overview and safety procedures; phlebotomy equipment and procedures; and point-of-care testing and special procedures.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive preparation for leading international, national, and state board licensing exams–including ASCP and NPA, NCA, NAACLS, and more

  • 850 realistic, exam-style multiple-choice questions, organized by topic–covering all key areas of blood collection, including fundamental concepts, safety, equipment, standard and special procedures, complications, and point-of-care testing

  • Questions written to test three levels of knowledge–including recall of previously learned knowledge; application through verbal and written skills; and problem solving in real-world environments

  • Clear answers and rationales–explaining each answer in detail

  • Detailed chapter objectives—previewing the information and skills that students must learn in each chapter

  • Extensive online resources–including a complete simulated practice exam, audio glossary, and links to additional online reference sources

In this Edition

  • New! Sequenced to match Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Collection Essentials, Eighth Edition, with answers referenced to specific pages there

  • Updated! Revamped content and many new illustrations reflect latest clinical laboratory techniques, automated instruments, and analyses

  • Updated! Comprehensive coverage of avoiding laboratory errors in the preanalytical phase, including a full chapter on specimen handling, transportation, and processing

  • New! Full chapter on medical terminology, and the anatomy and physiology of organ systems

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