Blood Collection: A Short Course, 3rd Edition

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Catalog No.: Y40004
Publisher/Vendor: FA Davis
Author: Marjorie Schaub Di Lorenzo, BS, MLS(ASCP)SH and Susan King Strasinger, DA, MLS(ASCP)
Pages: 192
Size: 8 x 0.5 x 10 inches
Format: Softcover Book
Blood Collection: A Short Course, 3rd Edition (Y40004)

Whether you're cross training, continuing your education, or taking a refresher course, the knowledge and skills for learning the essentials of phlebotomy are in Blood Collection: A Short Course, 3rd Edition. This text focuses on the proper techniques for collecting quality blood specimens with minimal patient discomfort.

In this Edition

    • Full-color photographs that make every detail and technique easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow.
    • Coverage of hemostasis, infection control, and legal issues, including HIPPA and the Needlestick Act.
    • Thoroughly updated and revised throughout to reflect the practice of phlebotomy today.

    Key Features

    • Discusses the basics, including:
      • types of blood specimens
      • blood collection equipment
      • vein selection and alternate sites
      • types of collection tubes and the purpose of anticoagulants
      • the order of draw
      • test-specific handling
      • complications and remedies
      • storage and transportation conditions
    • Covers blood specimen collection equipment including safety devices and technical procedures for venipuncture and dermal puncture.
    • Features a self-assessment exam that meets the requirements for continuing education protocols.
    • Offers a wealth of features to make learning easier, including…
      • Learning objectives
      • Technical tips, to avoid complications, such as hematomas and hemolysis
      • Safety tips
      • Practical situation problem-solving exercises
      • Performance evaluation checklists for technical procedures
      • Review questions
      • Illustrations, photographs, diagrams, charts, and tables
      • Resources on the web
    • Complies with the standards set by OSHA, The Joint Commission, and the National Committee for Clinical and Laboratory Standards.
    • Includes a color tube guide.

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction to Blood Collection
    • Venipuncture Equipment
    • Routine Venipuncture
    • Complications and Additional Techniques
    • Special Venipuncture Collection and Preanalytical Variables
    • Dermal Puncture
    • Point-of-Care Testing
    • Intravenous Insertion and Central Venous Cather Access
    • Appendices
      • Common Laboratory Tests and the Required Types of Anticoagulants and Volume of Blood Required
      • Clinical Correlations of Blood Tests Related to Body Systems
      • Answer Keys

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