Intensive Diabetes Management, 6th Edition

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Catalog No.: K10003
Publisher/Vendor: American Diabetes Association (ADA)
Author: Howard Wolpert, MD, editor
Pages: 172
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Softcover Book
Intensive Diabetes Management, 6th Edition (K10003)

Virtually all patients with diabetes—type 1 or type 2—can improve their glycemic control and overall health through intensive diabetes management. Although complex to maintain, intensive diabetes management has proven very effective and is now often the rule, rather than the exception, in diabetes care.

Intensive Diabetes Management, 6th Edition is geared toward the health care practitioner who wants to implement this method with his or her patients. It emphasizes a team approach to patient care and offers guidance in helping patients move toward treatment goals appropriate for their individual needs and medical conditions.

Intensive Diabetes Management, 6th Edition, has been updated to cover advances in medical research, incorporating new insights into diabetes and how they impact this particular treatment. In addition, the data, guidelines, and procedures have been revised to reflect the newest positions of the American Diabetes Association's standards of care.