IV Therapy Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

Price: $32.95
Catalog No.: Y20004
Publisher/Vendor: FA Davis
Author: Lynn Dianne Phillips, RN, MSN, CRNI, Butte Community College, Oroville, California
Pages: 185
Size: 3 x 1.1 x 5 inches
Format: Spiral-bound book
IV Therapy Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide - Y20004

IV Therapy Notes provides facts and on-the-spot guidance for nurses delivering and maintaining intravenous fluids with different access devices.

With a focus on safe administration of IV therapy, IV Therapy Notes references all types of intravenous fluids and their contents—and the essential rules for calculating infusion rates.

With an entire section devoted to fluids and electrolytes, IV Therapy Notes covers it all.

  • Provides your students with all the elements of Davis’s Notes Series: small handbook size, erasable paper, and a section to take notes.
  • Covers essential facts in administering I.V. therapy and giving medications via I.V. so your students can find the information they need quickly without errors.
  • Contains a whole section devoted to fluids and electrolytes that will help your students understand and retain the information.
  • Gives the essentials for calculating infusion rates so your students understand the math without the use of the calculator.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Basics
  • Section 2: Fluids & Electrolytes
  • Section 3: Peripheral
  • Section 4: Central Venous Access Procedures
  • Section 5: Blood Transfusion Therapy Procedures
  • Section 6: Nutritional Support
  • Section 7: Med Admin
  • Section 8: Tools