Mosby's Surefire Documentation, 2nd Edition

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Author: Mosby
Pages: 432
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Mosby's Surefire Documentation, 2nd Edition

Mosby's Surefire Documentation, 2nd Edition offers guidelines for how, what, and when to document for more than 100 of the most common and most important situations nurses face. Divided into 3 sections — Caring for Patients, Dealing with Challenging Patient Situations, and Handling Difficult Professional Problems — this resource details what information to consider and document, to ensure quality patient care, continuity of care, and legal protection for the nurse and the institution where the nurse works.

Key Features

  • Case histories that illustrate key legal points
  • Tips to help nurses streamline documentation without sacrificing accuracy
  • Guidance for documenting unusual or difficult developments or events
  • Clear, concise explanations of complex legal terms and concepts
  • Advice on how and why to document for a variety of documentation systems
  • Charting Checklists identify essential points to record for a particular situation
  • Legal Briefs explain legal terms, such as a living will, or give practical advice for avoiding legal pitfalls
  • Case Law Close-Ups describe specific court cases, explain the court's ruling, and point out the nursing implications
  • Tips and Advice help the nurse solve documentation problems, such as correcting a mistaken entry, and give advice on recording data in complex situations
  • Did you know? sections present interesting, practical, or little-known points related to a specific topic

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