Patterson's Allergic Diseases, 8th Edition

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Catalog No.: G00008
Publisher/Vendor: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Author: Leslie C. Grammer (MD), Paul A. Greenberger (MD)
Pages: 736
Size: 7 x 10 inches
Format: Softcover Book
Patterson's Allergic Diseases, 8th Edition (G00008)

Since 1972, Patterson’s Allergic Diseases has been a reference for healthcare practitioners looking for a guide to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders. Patterson’s Allergic Diseases, Eighth Edition focuses on patient evaluation and management, and covers immunologic mechanisms, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and diagnostic techniques. Many contributors hail from outside the field of allergy-immunology, providing an invaluable non-specialist perspective on essential clinical practices.

Discusses the evaluation, treatment, and physiology of common allergies and allergic reactions: insect stings, asthma, food allergies, as well as pulmonary, respiratory, and skin reactions.

Designed to help primary care providers, internists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants identify an allergy—such as anaphylaxis, urticaria and angioedema—confirm a diagnosis, find effective therapies, or prepare for board review exams.

Includes new chapters on laboratory tests and personalized medicine, discussions on new allergy and immunology practice parameters, and information on biologic therapies, drug allergy pathogenesis, environmental controls, and diagnostic testing. Incorporates recent evidence-based guidelines, including the Practice Parameters from The Joint Task Force (JTF) on Practice Parameters.

Now in color to add clarity and depth to tables, figures, and illustrations.