PALS: Pediatric Advanced Life Support, 2nd Edition - CLEARANCE ITEM

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Catalog No.: N20032-CL2
Publisher/Vendor: Elsevier (Mosby)
Author: Barbara Aehlet, RN, BSPA
Pages: 528
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Format: Softcover Book
Pediatric Advanced Life Support, 2nd Edition (N20032-CL2)

Original description from the release of the 2nd edition:

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Study Guide, 2nd Edition incorporates both prehospital and hospital management of pediatric emergencies.


  • Pretest
  • Chain of Survival and Emergency Medical Services for Children
  • Patient Assessment
  • Respiratory Distress and Respiratory Failure
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Cardiovascular Interventions
  • Fluids and Medications
  • Trauma and Burns
  • Toxicology Emergencies
  • Death of an Infant or Child
  • Children with Special Healthcare Needs
  • Resuscitation of the Newly Born Outside Delivery Room
  • Posttest